We are very fortunate at San Diego Family Dermatology to have a compassionate and hard-working staff who goes above and beyond for our patients.
Danielle: Director of Operations, National City/El Cajon           
Kelly: Senio Manager, National City/El Cajon
Dee Dee: Billing Manager, National City
Cynthia, Front Office Manager
Evelyn, Back Office Manager
Rose, Mohs Coordinator
Alexis, Medical Assistant
Alessandra, Medical Assistant, National City
Arisbeth, Front Office
Blanca, Billing Specialist
Claudia B., Authorization Specialist
Cristina: Billing Specialist, National City
Dani, Medical Assistant, National City 
Deyanira: Front Office, El Cajon
Diana R.: Front Office/Eligibility, National City
Diana G.: Medical Assistant, National City
Eliza: Billing Specialist
Eren: Front Office and Medical Assistant, National City
Flor: Medical Assistant, National City
Jessica, Medical Assistant, Virtual
Joanna: Medication Authorization Specialist
Jocelyn: Medical Assistant, El Cajon
Joss, Front Office
Lizzbeth: Administrative Assistant
Marcella: Front Office, El Cajon
Mariam, Front Office
Maryam, Medical Assistant, El Cajon
Mayra, Front Office, El Cajon
Mellisa: Front Office, El Cajon
Merna: Administrative Assistant
Michelle, Medical Assistant & Mohs Assistant, National City & El Cajon
Mina, Medical Assistant
Myrta, Medication Authorization Specialist
Noor, Front Office
Raquel: Mohs Surgery Specialist, Medical Assistant
Reem: Medical Assistant, El Cajon
Rozan: Administrative Assistant
Ryann, Billing Specialist
Sandy: Administrative Assistant
Sanjana, Medical Assistant
Silvia, Front Office, National City
Shaylee, Front Office, Virtual
Sophia, LVN, El Cajon & National City
Sussy, Medical Assistant & Mohs Assistant, National City & El Cajon
Tert - Medical Assistant
Veronica: Front Office Referral Specialist, El Cajon
Veronica V.: Administrative Assistant
Vivian, Medical Assistant and Front Office
Viviana, Front Office
Yasmin: Front Office/Medical Assistant, National City
Grace, Virtual Assistant
Ashley, Virtual Assistant
Lynsen, Virtual Assistant
Charmaine, Virtual Assistant
Jay, Virtual Assistant
Marc, Virtual Assistant
Sherry, Retired March 2019 after 25 years at SDFD.
Donna, Retired August 2021 after 18 years at SDFD